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Nov 4, 2013 12:00am PST
teaming up with goo energy lap and the challenged athletes foundation, raising money to give prosthetic running legs to children he couldn't afford them. he was also invited back to kona, gaichb second chance to conquer the biggest race of his life. jeff trained like never before. more than 5,000 miles on the road and in the water. to make sure he was ready this year, and he was. >> i was feeling prepared, i was feeling calm and i was feeling ready to take on the day. >> he felt so good, in fact, his eyes could see the hollywood ending up ahead. his calf muscle, though, had other ideas. >> it was so painful. it was cramped up the whole time but all of a sudden it started spasming really bd. >> it was a 90% tear. jeff tried to fight the pain, but he wasn't going to beat the clock. he quit ten miles into the run. >> i was disappointed because i wanted to finish, but i was db i think i was more disappointed that i was letting down my sponsorings. and i still feel that, you know, sometimes that still hurts a lit billion it. so it seems jeff's story can't have a hollywood ending. it just hap
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1